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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Workout that Works Wednesday: Deck of Cards

Traveling? Bored with your workouts? Need something quick, fun and effective with no equipment needed? Grab a deck of playing cards!
Here's what you do:
  1. Choose an exercise: pushups, squats, lunges, jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, wall walks, squat jumps, tricep dips, sit ups, torso twists...possibilies are MANY!
  2. Flip the top card and do the chosen exercise as many reps as the card dictates.
  3. Facecards and Ace's are as follows: Jacks - 10, Queens - 11, Kings - 12, Ace - 1
  4. Flip the second card to find out how long you will rest before flipping again to see how many reps of the exercise you'll do. Continue until you are through the deck.
  5. Rest 2-3 mins then repeat with a different exercise!

1 comment:

  1. We do something similar to this... pick 4 exercises, each suite is a different exercise; and then pick an exercise for Jacks, Queens, Kings. If you draw hearts, do the # of reps on the card for hearts unless its a face card (i.e. Jacks) - then you do 1 minute of that exercise (i.e. Jacks = mountain climbers). Ace is 1 minute rest...Matt is kind and strategically places the Aces in the deck. We go through the whole deck typically in class. ;o)