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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Workout that Works!

My kids want to play, I want to workout. Solution? The park. Parks have benches, and sidewalks and basketball courts and monkey bars...all equipment that can help me get a workout in while they play!

Benches: tricep dips, push ups, step ups, alternating toe taps on the front of the bench, squats or even jumps up on the bench, mountain climbers with your hands on the bench, straight arm plank with your toes on the bench and hands on the ground...what else can you come up with???

Monkey bars: just try going across like you're 4 year old can! It's hard and a good arm workout! Pullups, hang on the bars and pull your knees toward your chest/elbows or try to get your toes up to the bar!

Sidewalks: jogging, walking, intervals where you run to a certain spot then walk and repeat several times

Basketball court: play basketball with your kids, do ladder drills (run to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full court), leg lifts where you lay on your back with your head near pole for the hoop. Reach overhead and grab the pole then bring both legs up to 90 degrees then down as close as you can to the ground before bringing back up.

Enjoy the day and get outside!

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