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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things You Should Know Thursday: Defining Success

There's often a number in our head and we feel that once that dang box in the bathroom blinks it's red lights and shows us that number we haven't met our goal. Often it's a number we've seen before, maybe years prior. Prior to kids, prior to the 30's, 40's, 50's....we've seen it...and we want it back. But you really are doing yourself a disservice by expecting your weight to determine your success. Weight loss can be, and usually is, a side effect of a healthy lifestyle that involves daily exercise and balanced nutritional choices. I highly recommend you gauge your success by the way your clothes fit and the way you body looks in the mirror. Weighing in now and then to see where you're at is not a bad idea...but when it begins to define your feeling of success or your feeling of failure, then you have given that box and those red numbers more control than they deserve. If your clothes aren't fitting the way you want then it's time to reach out for some help to a trainer, a group fitness class or a friend who has had success with nutrition and exercising. Start moving better, eating better and soon enough you'll be feeling better too!
All of these women weight 152 lbs

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  1. Thanks for this post, Amy! I needed to read these words today. Recently I find myself at bit of an impasse with my weight loss, despite tracking my calories and increasing my daily exercise. Here's my question: what are your thoughts on the use of the BMI scale a way to make a goal for weight loss? Do I make it my goal to make it to the BMI-defined healthy weight? Or do I just keep on keeping on knowing that I am living a healthy lifestyle, define my own goal weight and go from there? Any thoughts on that? Presumably the women to the right in this image are defined as overweight by BMI standards whereas the taller ones are considered healthy at the same weight. I struggle with this one all the time and appreciate your thoughts. Thanks - Jenn Hoesing