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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Workout that Works Wednesday: Fourth Of July Workout!

Can you figure out the significance of the numbers in this workout???

18:    Walking lunges, each leg counts as 1, so 9 each leg
5:     Broad Jumps
4:     Pushups

23:   Jumping Jacks
8:     Tricep Dips
9:     Broad Jumps
20:   Mountain Climbers, each leg counts as 1, so 10 each leg
5:     Pushups
2:     Broad Jumps
12:    Walking Lunges, each leg counts as 1, so 6 each leg
21:    Jumping Jacks
5:     Pushups 

*Need an extra challenge?? Throw a 1-2 minute fast run after the first 3 exercises, the next 5 exercises and the last 4 exercises! You can also go through these exercise for multiple rounds!

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