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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fitness Fun Friday: Hip Hop Class

I am always encouraging clients and friends to find ways to make fitness fun...because if it's fun you're much more likely to keep doing it! My friend Carolyn is the epitome of varying workouts and keeping them fun. She takes everything from dance lessons, juggling, boot camps and kickboxing to hip hop and Zumba classes. She has talked me into a Hip Hop fitness class this coming Sunday night. Here's why I say, "Talked me into"...
This is what I picture when I think Hip Hop...not to mention I'm not the most graceful dancer and I'm pretty sure there's NOT going to be a barbell or chalk bucket there. HOWEVER, I'm excited to do I as I say and get out of my comfort zone to try something new with a fun group of ladies. Now, if I could just find my MC Hammer pants I'd be all set...

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