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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fitness Fun Friday: Wacky Walk

My oldest daughter tends to be reserved. I have a hard time getting her to tell me all about her day at school and I feel bad hounding her with questions when I know she's wiped out and just wants a big hug and a snack. What I have found is that she LOVES the one on one attention I give her when we go for a walk or a jog. She suddenly opens up and I hear all sorts of silly stories from school and about her friends and what they did at recess. To make our walks even more fun I've decided tonight we'll do a Wacky Walk. When we come to a corner she gets to pick the direction we head. At the next corner it's my turn. We'll go like this until we're ready to head back then try and retrace our path. Another idea I want to try is writing things on the cement around the block while she's at school. Then when we go for the walk we'll do whatever the sidewalk says. She thinks it's cool to do push ups, lunges and sit ups like Mom so I'll likely have those written down and probably some jumping jacks, walk backwards and skipping. Overall, it's a way to connect with her but it's also a way to squeeze some exercise into our busy days. A win-win for busy mommys :)

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