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Monday, August 13, 2012

MmONDAY! Jicama Chips

Karla was my amazing and hilarious 6th grade science teacher. I looked forward to sitting in her class because she made learning so much fun! Karla has completely transformed her life from a morbidly obese person to a total fitness freak and health food junkie...and she inspires people daily with her amazing accomplishments in the gym and her wonderful recipes.

Here's one she shared recently for jicama chips. Jicama is a tuber (root) and found near the potatoes at most grocery stores. It has the crispness of an apple and it's slightly sweet, but it looks more like a potato. It's full of fiber and other nutrients and a great alternative to starchy potatoes!

Karla's Jicama Chips:
Peel and slice the jicama so that they look like potato chips
Throw them in a ziplock and add a bit of lemon juice, chili powder, onion powder and cayenne pepper (optional, season with your favorites!)
Bake them or spray a nonstick pan and cook over stove, flipping them once

Karla also just recommended I try jicama fries: slice in thin ribbons, add lemon juice in ziplock bag and dry ranch dressing then bake or cook on stove.

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