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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: Circle of Influence

You never know how the decisions you make on a daily basis can effect even perfect strangers. Today I received a message on my Facebook page from someone I've never met who has changed her life and unknowingly I have been part of her transformation. Read part of her message below:

Hello. We have never met but you have been helping keep me motivated for months, so I wanted to say thank you! 18 months ago I was on my way to being very fit, I was working at a fitness facility & loved it, but months of emotional eating and very little moving and I was back to where I started, overweight. This year has been rough on our family … lots of twist and turns but everything happens for a reason and lots of sunshine has come out of our storms. My husband gave me a Farrell’s membership this spring after I couldn’t find the motivation on my own at home and I got moving again. I kept following your blog and your Facebook page, thinking boy I wish I was her! Now 6 months later I have lost 60 lbs, over 40” and have decided to take a chance, to follow my heart. I am going to stay in the fitness field. I’m getting out from behind a desk, woohoo! I am going back to my roots to teach classes and I am studying to get my personal training certification. I take the test soon; I am both scared and excited. I want say thank you! Knowing you do all of those things, always portray a positive outlook & are still able to be “mom” too is inspiring. Someday I would love to meet you but until then from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Wow. I read this and I was full of pure joy...and it has nothing to do with has to do with someone falling in love with taking care of themselves and the circle of influence we ALL have on our friends, family, coworkers and even perfect strangers. Your daily choices to exercise, eat healthy, portray a positive attitude when others are not...they can lead to others changing their lives! And if that doesn't keep you motivated...I don't know what will. :)

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