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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: Planning Ahead

This coming Saturday night we're surprising the girls by letting them know the next morning we're headed to Florida to meet all their favorite princesses. I fully expect squeals and screaming...and likely a thousand questions and not much sleep. :)

However, the packing and planning that go into a week long vacation is not making me feel so excited...not yet anyway. Vacations are not often conducive to continuing daily healthy habits as your routine pretty much flies out the window and familiar places and foods are not always available. One of the ways I've planned ahead is calling a Crossfit gym I located on Google right next to our condo. I spoke to the owner, found out the drop-in fee and the class times I could attend. I saved the directions from the condo to the gym on my phone and plan to go several times during our trip. Often gyms have drop-in fees if your hotel or place your staying doesn't have a gym available.

Another way I've planned ahead is by purchasing Larabars, Kind bars, almond packs and turkey jerky for myself then portioned out healthy snacks for the kids into baggies for the plane. They'll be plenty of eating out and eating at odd times so these snacks will come in handy. If I know there's a restaurant where I'll likely not find much on the menu that's healthy, I eat a Larabar before we get there then eat a smaller portion than I would have.

Last, I've planned ahead by not panicking. I see many clients go through either moments of pure panic or go the complete opposite and forget all healthy eating and working out while on vacation...neither are healthy or a good idea. Know that your routine is not going to be the same, that you'll relax and possibly have more drinks or food than you would typically have and that some mornings you may choose to sleep in rather than hit the hotel elliptical. I get it...relieving stress by relaxing and taking a break from reality is HEALTHY! However, prepare to not just "let it all go". Have your snacks, know where and when you'll get your workouts in and enjoy your vacation without setting your goals and routine back to square one.

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