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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Things You Should Know Thursday: Is Organic Worth It??

It's clear that the FDA in the United States has not regulated the word "natural". Therefore we have "natural" Cheetos and "natural" chicken that are simply NOT natural at all once you examine the additives and processed ingredients. However, what's up "organic" foods, specifically produce? Is it worth the extra expense and can science support "organic" foods being a better choice? Here's a recent article from Mark's Daily Apple. Read it, research on your own and see what you can find!

A few weeks ago in Weekend Link Love, I mentioned the great big much-ballyhooed study that appeared to show organic produce was no more healthy than conventional produce. Many people with an axe to grind championed its findings, with some proclaiming the undeniable ringing of the final death knell of organic farming. Science Based Medicine wasted no time in weighing in on the current state of organic food, which they said “represents the triumph of marketing over scientific reality.” Strong words, words that seem to be – at first glance – supported by the study in question. But are they? Are you falling for marketing hype when you buy organic? Is it worth it?
Read more: Is Organic Food a Scam? Mark Sisson

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