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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Competition Recap from this Weekend

It's funny what happens to soreness and anxiety when I hear 3...2...1...GO! This weekend I heard that 5 times during 5 different workouts in just 2 days. I took part in the Santa Showdown team competition at Crossfit Bond in the Quad Cities. My team consisted of 2 fantastically fit friends who came ready!
We threw wall balls, swung kettlebells, jumped on boxes, did back flips on rings (major dizziness problems, don't recall that issue when I was 5 years old), flipped a very heavy tire as team then jumped in and out of it, performed a heavy clean, rowed several meters, squatted, performed thrusters, did some crazy hand release burpees, performed several snatches, hung from bars like monkeys, walked over boxes with kettlebells in hand, jumped rope, performed medicine ball sit ups and did some crazy looking deadlifts.
We were only given a few hours notice what the workout was so we could strategize as a team. We planned, we warmed up, we watched our competitors, we complained about soreness (ok, that may have just been me), and the anxiety grew as our time to compete neared (ok, again, that may have just been me).
But once that clock counted down from 10 it was game on. We not only pushed strong through the workouts but we sped up as they neared the end! I have never had so much fun kicking my own butt. Honestly.
We took first in every workout and ended up with some pretty sweet skull kettlebells as trophies. I will definitely repeat this experience's great to workout hard and see where you stack up in the gym...but it's way cooler to get out of your comfortable environment and get around people you don't know to see how well you can do! Thanks Rita and Madison for being amazing teammates and thanks Crossfit Ankeny for the excellent training, the yummy grub and the great trip!

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