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I will come to your home when it works for you! I will teach you WORKOUTS THAT WORK so you can meet achievable, life changing goals we establish together. My goal isn't to make you reliant on a personal trainer for the rest of your life. My goal is to show you how to make several small changes in how you move, eat and think which will make huge changes in how you live for the rest of your life!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Give it Your All, then Walk Away

Eat Better:
This month's Facebook Challenge group is following the Whole30 Program. They're learning to drop refined sugars and processed foods and eat clean! Here's a recipe from their weekly meal plan. Thanks, Matt! Give it a try!

Apple Glazed Turkey Breast

    4 turkey breast cutlets, 4-6 oz each
    1/2 cup apple juice (or the juice of 1 medium/large apple)
    1/2 cup chicken stock
    2 cloves of garlic, minced
    4 Tbs fresh tarragon, minced
    1 tsp fresh ginger, grated
    1/4 tsp sea salt (optional)
    1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
    1 Tbs coconut oil

    Combine the apple juice, chicken stock, garlic, tarragon and ginger together in a small bowl. Set aside.
    Season both sides of turkey cutlets with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper (optional).
    Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat.  When pan is hot, add coconut oil.
    Sear each cutlet 1-2 minutes on each side, until browned. Place on plate and set aside.
    Reduce heat to medium and add apple juice mixture to pan.
    As the sauce comes to a boil add the turkey cutlets back to the pan. Simmer until sauce reduces and turkey is fully cooked.

Move Better:
Thrusters are a full body movement that combine a push press with a full squat. They are a great calorie burner and will leave you wondering how a simple movement can steal your breath away so quickly! Check them out and give them a try!
Amy's Corner:
Week 1 of the Crossfit Open is complete. My workout this week was 17 minutes of: 40 burpees (hit a target 6 inches above outstretched fingertips each time), 30 45# snatches, 30 burpees, 30 75# snatches, 20 burpees, 30 100# snatches, 10 burpees, as many 120# snatches as possible before time is out. I was able to get thorugh 190 reps, which included everything but the 30 120# snatches. I got to the bar with some time but just had nothing in the tank.
I have 4 more weeks of weekly workouts that will measure me against the most fit women in the world. The workouts come out Wednesday night and I have until Sunday to get them done to the best of my abilities.
These weeks I know I'm going to grow as a person and althete. My strengths will be obvious and my weakness highlighted. I will push myself to the limit and sometimes still feel inadequate looking at the leaderboard. I will workout to the cheers of my Crossfit family and hope that my efforts make them proud. But mostly, I want my efforts to make ME proud.
The Open is a good reminder that in the gym and in life our biggest competition is found within ourselves. We are our biggest critic, our most harsh judge and our biggest obstacle. Belieiving in ourselves, laying it all out on the line, then walking alway know that's all we could've done is all we can do. I encourage you to work toward the same goal I am: be proud of yourself for what you've done and what you can do!

Upcoming Events:

Workouts that Work with Amy
*APRIL FACEBOOK CHALLENGE: MINIMAL EQUIPMENT WORKOUTS PLUS DAILY MEAL PLANS/GUIDELINES! You'll be part of a private Facebook group and receive daily workouts and meals/recipes plus ongoing support and accountability from the group. Almost 20 people are participating this March and are experiencing AMAZING results! Equipment will be minimal and inexpensive. Modifications/demonstrations are provided for every exercise. To sign up just email me at Inches and weight measurements will be used to determine the winner each month...the winner receives a free one-on-one personal training session with me! A $60 value! Cost: $99 for your first month then only $75/month or $150/3 months thereafter!

*Grocery Tours with Amy! Need help making the best choices for you and your family and understanding WHY those choices make the most sense? I give tours at the Ankeny Hy-Vee on Wednesday evenings 8-9 pm or by appointment. Just email me to set up time! Tours are $30/person.

*SPRING BOOT CAMP WITH AMY!: DATE CHANGES!!! A group fitness class in an outdoor, encouraging non-intimidating environment! Fat blasting, full body workouts with body weight and minimal equipment while you get to know others! Kids are free to play on the playground while we workout but no supervision is provided.
When: Choose 1, 2, 3 or all 6 weeks!
April 1 – 4
April 8 – 11
April 15 – 18
April 22 – 25
April 29 -May 2
May 6 - May 9
*Classes are Monday – Thursday, 6:30 – 7:15 pm

The more you attend, the less you spend per class!
1 week $60
2 weeks $115
3 weeks $150 – Only $12.50/class
6 weeks $250 – Only $10/class

Where: Georgetown Park in Ankeny on the corner of Ash St. and Georgetown Blvd.

How: Email Amy Drefke, at to reserve your spot today! Please indicate the week(s) you’ll be attending. Thank you!



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