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Monday, August 26, 2013

Kids Do What You Do

Protein BarEat Better:
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Move Better:
Too hot to workout outdoors? Try this great cardio workout at home!
50 step ups - alternate stepping up to bottom step then back down quickly for 1 rep
50 jumping jacks
40 step ups
40 jumping jacks
Continue decreasing reps by 10 until you finish 10 of each exercise!
*Want an extra challenge? Hold light dumbbells while you do the jacks and hold them at your sides or overhead while you do the step ups!

Amy's Corner:
Ah, the Iowa State Fair. The one place where you can truly see anything from 80's rock bands to cows made out of butter...and let's not forget, gluttony at it's finest. I made my annual trip to the State Fair this year, as did about a million people. And like almost all of those attending, people watching is top on the list for entertainment. This year I observed something that really made me pause more than any other year. I saw a child, who couldn't have been more than 12 years old, in a motorized scooter. This child was morbidly obese and using the scooter as means to get around. He occasionally got out and walked, but not for long, and he was terribly winded as he retreated back to his scooter and soda. His morbidly obese mother walked next to him.
How sad. How sad we've come to this as a society. Where childhood obesity isn't just an issue, it's an epidemic. And let's just be honest. If an 8 year old shows up to school in an inappropriate outfit, who's to blame? The parents. So what about a 12 year old who weighs 300 lbs? Who's to blame? The parents? The government for allowing crappy food on our shelves and poor nutritional education for consumers? The kid for putting the crap in his mouth? Manufacturers for putting chemicals and junk into our foods?
No matter who you feel is to blame, it's terribly sad and it starts at home. Do your children see you making healthy lifestyle choices? Anyone who is a parent knows that kids are much more likely to do what we do and not what we say. Right?! If you aren't setting a good example, then there's your reason to start...your kids...they are watching! And if you need help...I'm here for you :)
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