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Monday, November 4, 2013

Competition Recap: MAT Games 2013

If I were a betting person I would have put everything I had on me finishing dead last in the women's elite division of CrossFit 8035's MAT Games this past weekend. Before scoffing at my lack of confidence, here's why: 5 women including myself, 4 made it to the CrossFit Regionals, 3 to the CrossFit Games, and then me. Definitely the oldest and least experienced out of the group. I knew chest to bar pull-ups were in the first workout and that my kipping ones in chunks of 2-3 were sub par compared to all their beautiful, strung together butterflies. So, I spent the week prior hanging in the balance between fretting the workouts and trying not to care about the results...telling myself it was just one competition and that I'd be better for doing it no matter how things turned out. I even prepped my kids so they wouldn't be disappointed when Mommy didn't receive a medal.

Workout 1:
3 rounds of: 400 meter run, 21 53# kettlebell swings, 12 chest to bar pull-ups

As workout 1 approached early Saturday morning all I could think about was my pull-ups. 2-3 chest to bar pull-ups was the most I had strung together ever. After awesome coaching (and a needed kick in the butt to stick to my game plan) from my amazing boyfriend, who was competing in the men's elite division, I stepped out and did just that...I stuck to my game plan. I ran fast, kept my kettlebells unbroken and amazingly hit 6 chest to bar in a row in round 1 then just did them in chunks with short rests in rounds 2-3. I played to my strengths and survived my weakness. I finished 3rd and 3 minutes better than my previous time.

Workout 2:
12-9-6-3 of: 205# deadlift, burpee box jumps over a 24" box

Heavy and no pacing favorite type of workout. I had a good push on this one from CrossFit Kilo's Sonya and finished in 1st by only a few seconds.

Workout 3:
100 double unders, 9 cleans, 9 pistols, 9 toes to bar, 9 wall balls, 15 shoulder to overhead, 15 pistols, 15 toes to bar, 15 wall balls, 21 thrusters, 21 pistols, 21 toes to bar, 21 wall balls, then lunges from start to the rig with a 53# kettlebell. Wall ball weight - 20#, barbell weight - 95#.

12 hours after my early morning wake-up call had passed. My body and mind were exhausted and dreading the brutality my legs were about to experience. Lining up next to Madison from 8035 was the best thing that could've happened. Madison has been my teammate in several competitions. She's a friend, beast and a great push for me, as well as someone who has all my weaknesses covered. She led the way the entire workout but I was able to stay close behind...just not enough in the tank to catch her. I finished in 2nd and 2nd overall.

I will never forget walking over to my kids after that last workout and having my 5 year old call me a liar for saying I wasn't going to get a medal. In my attempt to prepare them, all I did was show them my lack of self confidence. Not the example I want to set for 2 amazing girls who watch my every move. So, I told her she was right. That Mommy should've been more positive and believed in herself. Then I asked them both to stand on the podium with me. I wanted them to know how it felt to be rewarded for hard work. And I wanted them to know that strong, fit, healthy, real women are to be emulated rather than magazine covers and movie stars.

My biggest take away from this weekend didn't come from chest to bar success or even breaking the top 3. It came from knowing that believing in myself, or lack thereof, has a profound impact not only on my performance but on those around me. My goal moving forward is to not only get better, but to believe that I'm capable of so much more.


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