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Monday, February 24, 2014

What Lies Ahead

It's that time of year...again. The CrossFit Open is upon us. For those unfamiliar with the Open, it's a 5 week competition open to anyone in the world. Beginners to elite athletes pay only $10 to register and complete 1 workout/week. Scores are submitted by a firm deadline and everyone is ranked according to gender/region/world. It's an amazing opportunity to test your fitness against hundreds of thousands of CrossFit participants. Check it out!
This will be my third year participating. I can't say it's without nerves or even a little trepidation, but it is also a time to reflect on the improvements I have made in my overall fitness and abilities. The first year I participated movements like toes to bar, pull-ups and moderately heavy snatches all got the best of me. Last year those movements came naturally but other gymnastics movements were tougher. This year my weights are higher, my movements more solid and my engine feels ready for the sprint that is surely coming. I still have holes that I look forward to filling before next year's Open, but I'm choosing not to focus on those goals that remain unmet. I know with dedication they will come, just like my pull-ups, toes to bar and snatches came too.
Don't be so quick to set your next goals, you neglect to celebrate those already met. Take time to celebrate how far you've come...whether that be at work, in the gym or wherever life may take you. It's through reflection we find motivation, and through that motivation we conquer whatever lies ahead.

Good luck to all participating in the CrossFit Open 2014!

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